Our Process

Planning is essential to achieve high quality polished concrete floors. We wish to deliver floors that will last a lifetime, compliment your home, and turn heads with finishes that are nothing less than stunning.

The overall look will depend upon the quality of your concrete and the timing of the project. In our experience each job is unique and requires a varied approach. Timing may differ depending on the jobs specifications, which include layout, age and condition.

Ideally, by being involved from the early planning stage, we can advise you on avoiding many common mistakes. We will guide you through the selection process to make sure you choose the right solution for your needs and advise the correct steps to ensure the highest possible finish is achieved. Below is a guide for the steps you should take to ensure best outcomes on your job:



Consult with us, as soon as possible. Some polished concrete floors require a specific concrete mix. If a concrete mix is not suitable a desired finish may not be achieved. It is important to have us involved as early as possible so we can ensure the best outcomes for your home or business. Book in an appointment in our showroom if you would like to discuss options.


Choose finishes

We will guide you to decide which method(s) of polished concrete you need, whether it be a mechanically polished concrete, grind and seal or external honed concrete. At this stage you will also decide how much stone will show through your slab, the level of gloss in the finish, and your desired colour.


Work commences

Once you have decided on a finish our work can commence. Our process will vary depending on the finish you decide on so we can discuss with you or your builder to confirm the best way forward. Reach out to us for a copy of our Polish Guide pdf which outlines the different processes for each finish.