Grind and Seal

- Commercial

Grind and Seal is an alternative method of polishing concrete, typically used in commercial spaces. The concrete is ground to expose the stone and finished with a sealant to achieve a glossy or matte surface which is both contemporary and hard-wearing.

Within this process, your preferred level of stone exposure is achieved through grinding, and any visible scratches are removed using fine diamond tooling. The result is a flat surface, ready for coating. At this stage the concrete can be dyed to achieve a coloured finish and/or it can be grouted for a smoother, more refined, glass-like surface.

Typically for a full stone exposure finish the floor will be grouted to achieve the best possible surface appearance, however a minimum/random exposure can be achieved at a reduced cost by eliminating this grouting process.

Finally, the floor is finished with a protective sealer to give a matte, semi-gloss or high gloss presentation. ​ Grind and Seal concreting can be applied in a variety of situations and will give you a stylish, durable and inexpensive finish that requires little maintenance and provokes positive first impressions of your business or professional space.

Reception areas

First impressions are established in seconds. Create an atmosphere of professionalism with a clean and sophisticated ‘welcome’ setting which speaks to the professionalism of your business.

Work spaces

Create an environment that is both beautiful to work in, and healthy for your workforce. Heavy foot traffic can reduce the lifespan and appearance of even commercial floor coverings making polished concrete a smarter choice for commercial spaces. Polished concrete is a cost effective long term flooring solution that adds a designer touch while helping to maximize cleanliness and eliminate allergies.

Meeting rooms

Put your best foot forward by creating clean and beautifully refined spaces that you’re proud to invite clients and colleagues. We can work within the confines of existing office floor plans to create beautiful, fresh and contemporary meeting spaces.

Exposure levels

- Nil Exposure
- Minimal Exposure (Salt & Pepper)
- Full Exposure