Polished Concrete

- Residential

Polished concrete brings style, luxury and functionality to your home or business. It’s easy to maintain, environmentally friendly and lasts a lifetime.

Mechanically Polished Concrete is a process that is generally suitable for indoor flooring surfaces. The process includes first grinding down your concrete to the desired stone exposure before adding a densifying agent to create a non-porous hardened and stain resistant surface. The floor is then buffed and polished with progressively finer diamond tooling until it delivers the desired finish. To complete the process, we add our final penetrating sealing coat which protects your floor and leaves a sophisticated and enduring surface.

Our finishes do not require re-coating. In fact, where necessary, maintenance is required only every 10+ years with a rebuffing process which serves to bring back the gloss in the floor. By making use of the existing slab and minimising waste, comparative to other flooring options, polished concrete’s life cycle of 20 years or more makes it the most cost effective and environmentally sustainable solution for your home.

When done correctly and with proper care, polished concrete floors will last a lifetime, giving your home an architectural touch, while also providing a healthier environment for your family. By its highly refined nature, polished concrete does not support the growth of toxic mould or dust mites, making it a smarter option to prevent asthma and allergies.

Living areas

Polished concrete offers a minimalist aesthetic fit for the pages of Vogue Living, while also delivering on function. As the area that universally receives the most foot traffic polished concrete is the ideal finish for living spaces; hard wearing, easy to maintain, and healthier over its lifespan.


Add wow factor to bathrooms with a flooring solution that runs seamlessly between rooms. polished concrete is a cost effective solution for wet spaces and is impressive in its simplicity.


Make wise use of an otherwise undervalued space and allow your garage to become an extension of your home, suitable to park your prized possessions or to maximize impact and functionality for workspaces and additional storage.

Exposure levels

- Nil Exposure
- Minimal Exposure (Salt & Pepper)
- Full Exposure